Penn Elcom FLight Panel 2 Lightweight Polypropylene Panel - Blue/Black - Thickness: 7mm (1/4") M885007BK/BL

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7mm (1/4") Thick Lightweight Polypropylene Panels.

  • Blue Haircell / Pinseal pattern on one side.
  • Black Haircell / Pinseal pattern on one side.

The lightest, strongest, and most economical panel in the market. A perfect and environmentally friendly alternative to ABS and PVC laminates on wood at an affordable price.

It has outstanding compression and impact strength, making it perfect for Cases.

- Haircell / Pinseal pattern on both sides
- 100% recyclable: Environmentally friendly
- Lightest panel to date
- Low cost
- Compatible with most printing processes

Panel Size: 2.44m x 1.22m / 96" x 48"

Weight -6.55kg/14.44lb

This panel is also available in Grey/Black