Aria Compressor CP-10 effect Pedal

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At Stagebox we stock the Aria compressor effect pedal. 

This aims to deliver clean sustain without extraneous aural side effects. Like most Series 10 models, it employs three rotary controls and here these comprise Level, Attack and Sustain. This is pretty much the usual combination for a pedal-type compressor, although the relevant white legends don’t show up too well against the pedal’s bright yellow livery.

Level governs the amount of output, while Attack determines the delay before compression takes place, ranging from extremes of fast and slow. Sustain describes the effect induced, as this adjusts the degree of dynamic range limiting, with correspondingly varying degrees of sustain.

A significant degree of gain boost quickly comes in at just past minimum settings on the Level control and progressively increases to a very muscular maximum. The accompanying Attack and Sustain controls can be balanced to increase clean sustain without incurring too much of the usual accompanying transient-induced ‘click’. Engaging the effect adds an overall brighter tonality.


  • CP-10 Compressor
  • Controls : Level, Attack, Sustain
  • Gain : ±0db
  • S/N Ratio : 85db
  • Frequency Response : 50Hz to 5 KHz
  • Size : 120 x 95 x 56
  • Weight : 350g