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Wharfedale Connect 1202FX/USB 12 Channel Mixer with USB Connectivity

Professional big mixer features such as phantom powered, balanced XLR microphone inputs give you full functionality and great sound in an ultra compact and cost effective package. The microphone pre-amplifiers use the same high quality components and construction methods that are employed in our mid-format SL Series Mixers.

The Wharfedale Pro Connect 1202 FX features an intuitive, ergonomically designed user interface that is excellent for beginners and professionals alike. Comprehensive connectivity ensures that a Connect 1202 FX mixer can handle any situation.


THD+N: <0.025% @ + 4dBu ±0.5dBu

MAXIMUM INPUT LEVEL: Mic +4dBu ± dBu Channel Line +25dBu± dBu Stereo Line +25dBu ± dBu 2TK IN +25dBu ± dBu

MONO INPUT CHANNEL GAIN: 50dB Variable MIC(0~-50dB) Line(-20dB~+30dB)

LEVEL METERS: 4-Segment LEDx2 (output of +4dBu = 0dB) Main L/R


DIMENSION: 360 X 83.8 X 52.8 MM

WEIGHT: 1.69kg

INPUT CHANNEL: EQ High (+/- 5dB)±2dBu 2kHz Shelving Mid (+/- 5dB)±2dBu kHz Shelving Low (+/- 5dB)±2dBu 80Hz Shelving

MAXIMUM BALANCED OUTPUT: Main XLR Balanced out +26dBu ± dBu Main 1/4" Jack Balanced out +26dBu ±1dBu

MAXIMUM UNBALANCED: Main XLR Unbalanced out +2 dBu ± dBu Main 1/4" Jack Unbalanced out +21dBu ± dBu Headphone output 50mw±5mw @ 32ohms

HUM AND NOISE: 20HZ-20KHZ - 27dBu ±5dBu Mic Pre

Equivalent Input Noise: -85dBu ±5dBu Residual Noise

S/N: 78dB ±5dB @ fader max

FFT: -62dBv ±5dBv @ gian fader max

CMRR: 62dB±5dB @ kHz

IMPEDANCES: Mic: Balanced 6 Kohms, Unbalanced 3Kohms ±500ohms Line: Balanced 44 Kohms, Unbalanced 22Kohms ±2kohms 2TK IN: Unbalanced 0Kohms ±2kohms All other Unbalanced outputs: 00 ohms, Balanced outputs: 200ohms

EFFECT OUT: 56 effects: .(ROOM=r -r8); 2.(PLATE=P -P5); 3.(HALL=h -h8); 4.(GATED REVERB=g -g3); 5.(CHORUS=c -c8) 6.(FLANGRE=f -f8); 7.(ROTARY SPEAKER=s -s7); 8.(DELAY=d -d9).