Adastra US Series Compact 100V Slave Amplifiers 60W

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EAN:  5015972216583 / 5015972216590

Enhance your audio setup with our versatile 100V Slave Amplifiers, housed in a compact half-width 1U design. Engineered for small to medium PA installations, these amplifiers offer seamless integration and exceptional performance.

Feature Specification
Power supply 170-264Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
Amplifier construction Class D + transformer output
Inputs Line (RCA), 100V (Euroblock +/-)
Line output 2 x RCA (mono)
Speaker output Euroblock terminals: 100V / 8 Ohms / Com
Mute 24V relay contacts
THD <0.4% @ 1kHz
Input impedance 1k Ohms
Input sensitivity -10dB (line)
SNR 80dB
Frequency response 100Hz - 18kHz

These amplifiers feature a 100V input on removable screw terminals, allowing for easy connection in parallel with existing 100V speakers, extending your system effortlessly. Additionally, mono output options cater to both 100V line and 8 ohm speaker loads, providing flexibility in installation configurations.

Supplied with rack-mounting hardware, these amplifiers can be easily configured to mount a single unit against a wall or under a worktop, offering convenience and versatility. Plus, with 24V fire alarm mute contacts, you can ensure seamless integration with emergency systems for added safety and peace of mind.


Manual (953196UK.pdf, 332 Kb) [Download]

Manual (953199UK.pdf, 332 Kb) [Download]