Wharfedale Titan 12 (Pair)

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Wharfedale Pro
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Wharfedale Pro Titan 12 series with 12"/2" voice coil LF components and 44mm Titanium Diaphragm true Compression Driver and the integrated 90x60 Waveguide horn to achieve a clean volume dispersion with wide, even reflection of the high frequency. The cabinets of the Titan series are made of extremely resonance proof High Density Polyethylene structural foam finished. This material gives a lightweight and very robust enclosure.

The system can be arrayed for additional coverage and SPL requirements. The elliptical waveguide HF section provides consistent coverage over its specified range for low feedback in open mic applications and improved array smoothness, whether applied to a reverberant or dry club type acoustic environment The Titan 12 integrates successfully with the room for superior sound quality with a minimum of equalization and tuning.

For permanent sound installations, architectural compatibility of primary importance, mounting points become critical. TitanÖ 12 series threaded points (Three on top, four on bottom, and three on each side for horizontal rigging) set a standard with Omnimount footprint on bottom.

  • Power Rms 250w
  • Program 500w
  • Peak 1000w
  • Maximum SPL 120dB
  • Weight 12kg
Wharfedale Pro