Wharfedale Titan 8A

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You just have to listen to these speakers to appreciate how good they sound. Weighing around 6kg per cabinet, the titan 8's come in an ultra-light-weight composite enclosure that's designed to be stand mounted, arrayed or even used as a floor monitor.

The titans are versatile and rugged enough for indoor and outdoor use thanks to the moisture proof woofer design and polypropylene moulded cabinet. A sophisticated crossover, tweeter protection and a high frequency eq switch for long-throw applications finish off a compact, lightweight and affordable, professional speaker that suits house parties, small hotels and bedroom sound systems

The perfect sized party speaker, or portable monitor, the titan 8 active is light-weight, compact and has it's own built-in amplifier but only weighs 6kg per speaker! The titan 8 active features an 8" woofer and titanium compression horn tweeter, that offers a high output, a punchy low end and crisp high frequency to suit all types of music and applications.

  • Power Rating                 180 watts rms
  • Frequency response       45-18,000Hz
  • Weight                          18.0kg
  • Colour                            Black
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